University of Milan Dept. Health, Animal Production and Food Safety, 2015

​Effect of AVI-MUL TOP GP10 in broiler chicks on growth performance, slaughter yield, and plasma lipid profile

The diet during the starter and grower periods was provided in crumble form, and the diet during the finisher period was provided as pellets.

Performance parameters were determined per pen. Carcass and breast muscle weight were recorded at slaughtering.



0-12 d


12-22 d


22-44 d

Avi-Mul Top GP10




Supplementing AVI-MUL TOP GP10 to male broiler chicks increased body weight on days 12 and 22, enhanced average daily gain from days 0 to 12. and improved feed conversion ratio. Moreover, also the dressing percentage, cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) were enhanced, indicating an improved lipid metabolism and transport.

  • N° of animals: 600 broiler male chicks
  • Breed: Ross 308
  • Replicates: 15
  • Trial period days 0-44 males
Evaluation of a innovative emulsifier product supplementation on broiler chicks

The digestive physiology of young chickens is characterized by inefficient digestion and absorption of fat due to a low level of natural endogenous lipase production. These evidences have increased the interest on the use of emulsifiers to improve utilization of fats in young chickens and growth performance of broiler. The effect of a synthetic emulsifier on growth performance, meat quality, caecum microbial count, plasma metabolites and hepatic apolipoprotein gene expression was investigated in male broiler chicks. A total of 600 one-day-old ROSS 308 broiler chicks were assigned to 2 experimental groups consisting of 15 pens with 20 birds/ per pen each, to compare the different dietary treatments: control diet (CTR) or diet supplemented with AVIMUL TOP (AMT) at 1 g/kg from day 0 to 12, 0.75 g/kg from day 12 to 22 and 0.5 g/kg from day 22 to 44.

  • 45 % E484-Glyceril Polyethylene Ricinoleate
  • 45 % Bidistilled Oleic Acid
  • 10 % Propilenic Glycol

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